Wisdom is your stepping stone to the future.

Natural leadership program 

Creating a future the natural way.

Do you feel the call to develop your (inner) leadership in sync with the laws of nature? Use your natural abilities and talents to honor and collaborate with every one in your community on your path of wisdom and growth. And become aware and work with the unique medicine you bring into the world.

This is not a standard training program: it is best to follow the programs in the chronological order we set out for you.The more you want to know and experience, the greater 'the study'.

Suppose you want to complete your path. You cannot simply grasp the whole without experiencing it. You have to allow yourself to live what you have learned. Finding your true nature is not optional; we want you to achieve everything you dream of.

In the Firekeeper Academy, we work with the Wheel of growth and the Medicine Wheel of personal values in all our programs.

These Wheels will teach you to go in-depth, explore a part, experience it yourself, and then pass it on.

This last step is essential because it teaches you to go beyond your wisdom and create a future. This can only happen when you genuinely learn how to listen to the wisdom inside you, and it has become part of who you are.

Remembering your nature

In this introductory (online) course, you get a first introduction to the Wheel of growth, and you get your Medicine Wheel of personal values. The latter is essential for the rest of the courses. You get your compass and suitcase to embark on a journey within yourself that helps you and your environment grow positively and connect. Remembering your nature is a 4-week program, with weekly new learnings and a group community call via Zoom every week. 

When there is no (online) course scheduled, and you would like to join this introduction, send us a message or schedule a call.

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Your Path of Growth Journey, step 1

My Nature. -Growing roots-

This part is about the 1st quarter of the Wheel of Growth.

In 3 to 4 months, you will develop the essential knowledge and awareness about your personal growth and inner leadership. What happens when inspiration comes in? What does it do to your body, your values, and what is needed to bring about the change you want to see in your life?

In this part, You get to know your inner fire.

At the end of the training, it is also possible to pass on 'Remembering your nature' to others.

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Your Path of Growth Journey, step 2

The nature of relations. -Find your way home-


This training is for coaches and trainers and is also an excellent choice for couples who want to deepen their relationship.

In this three-month training, the emphasis is on the 2nd quarter of the Wheel of Growth.

This gives you insight into direct relationships between you and someone else and between you and parts of nature. You deepen your intuition, and you strengthen your communication. You learn to trust your gut feeling and translate it into daily practice.

You learn to recognize what is needed in which situation and how your values support this.

In this training, you also get your wheel of plants. You will experience how you can work with these and strengthen your intuition and communication with others.

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Your Path of Growth, Journey step 3

The nature of the group. - Language of the values-

In this six-month training for professionals and natural leaders, the emphasis is on the 3rd part of the Wheel of Growth, in which you learn to use the values within a group.

The focus is on leadership development.

You know how to consciously address the group's culture and ask questions in a guiding way, so you encourage people to find the answers they need for themselves.

In this quarter, you will receive your Wheel of Animals.

You will learn how to handle the characteristics in yourself that come with that.

You will also learn to use your group values in practical situations to bring back or strengthen the flow.

You will experience how to listen more deeply.

Do you feel excited to start this journey?

On the 21st of September 2022 we start a new group Natural leadership year program.

This is a very personal journey. You will learn how to balance yourself and the group. You will find wisdom in both. 

Please do not hesitate if you feel excited right now to set your first steps on this journey to contact us.
We will be happy to share with you the potential we see in you and your path of growth.

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