Discover & trust your inner guidance

On July 26th, in Switzerland, we invite you to a workshop where you can deepen your listening to and following of your inner voice—the inner voice that will guide you through any circumstance in your life. Being deeply connected to yourself is like forming roots to grow strong.

Many of us have a hard time listening to our unique inner voice. This is why we change our minds so often or even have difficulty believing in ourselves. We sometimes don’t even know how our inner voice talks to us.

Join us in this transformative workshop, where you will discover the power within you. It’s about finding your core and learning to trust your inner voice, a journey that will bring you closer to your true self.

At the FireKeeper Academy, we honor the transformative power symbolized by fire—an energy source that inspires and brings peace to all life forms. In this journey of self-discovery, you learn to listen to the fire burning within yourself and nature.

We will teach you a life-transforming tool and practice that will change how you listen. It will give you a clear foundation for trusting your inner voice and guidance.

Most of us thrive when we feel guided by innate skills and intuition. However, we all have moments where we lack inner guidance and direction in our daily lives as professionals, leaders, and parents.


🔻 Having a difficult time finding our core and inner compass. 

🔻 Not getting clarity in the information and direction.

🔻A nagging feeling of knowing we have all the inner resources but lack access at that moment.

This workshop is for you


🍀 If you seek a deeper understanding of how your inner voice is guiding you

🍀  If you wish to strengthen your connection with nature and tap into its profound wisdom.

🍀  If you want to feel a more genuine connection with yourself and others. Being in your truth confidently without needing defense.


What to expect in this workshop

Learn about your energy

* Learn about energy flow

* Energy & emotional clarity/hygiene

* From being stuck to flow


Learn how fire is guiding you.

* Back to your core

* The voice of your core

* Getting clarity inside

* Emotional intelligence


Strengthen your nature connection.

* How nature is helping

* Knowing and working with your allies


Hi, we are Danny & Hélène.

Known as Transformational Pioneers. With therapy, coaching, and leadership backgrounds, we blend ancient and natural wisdom with modern techniques to guide you.

For decades, we've helped individuals and groups grow, connecting them to a powerful yet simple and new approach to coaching and leading. Our method is all about tapping into nature's wisdom. By embracing values, we offer a clear path through life's challenges, empowering you to transform and thrive.

Join us and discover a new way forward, opening new possibilities in yourself and your field of work.


This workshop is hosted by Jacqueline at her amazing place in Switzerland.

CH – 8143 Uetliberg - Zürich
For directions in German Click here 



- July 26th

- Start at 10.00 until 16.00

- Lunch is a Potluck (we all bring something to share).

- Tea and water will be included

Discover & Trust your inner guidance

Workshop with Hélène & Danny



Discover and trust your inner guidance.
- 26th July -  Day Workshop
- Switzerland

Discover and trust your inner guidance € 149,-

(single payment) 

Extra: Session € 50,-

one on one session of 30 minutes. 

Total € 149,-

Total (combined price) € 199,-

(21% vat included € 18,91) 

Thank you for being you.

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