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Your life's mission 


The core of life is your soul's mission.

You are here with a purpose!

Many of us do not know or remember how it is to be at home and connect to our mission. How do you have a meaningful “talk” with this purpose?

In all indigenous tribes, we know how to do this. This we call sitting with the fire. This is coming home to yourself and the bigger purpose, which will fill your life with meaning.


In the Firekeeper Academy, we teach how life evolves and what our human place is in this circle of life. Not only by giving you the knowledge but mainly by letting you experience this. You will gain valuable wisdom that you can use to help fulfill the mission of your tribe. 


We help you create a life based on your true values and how to use them in all situations. The red thread is your inner leadership as a guiding compass in your role as a leader.


Would you like to experience sitting at your fire?

We offer you a start and essential exercise to begin this talk again. Even if you do not hear, feel, or remember it all at once. You will start to come home and get more clarity. Download for free 'experience your inner fire'. 


Read more about how we can help you, remember your nature, awaken your spirit and live to your greatest potential.

Download 'experience your fire'

Who are we?

Hi, we are Danny and Hélène, founders of the Firekeeper Academy.
We are medicine people.
When asked what we do, the answer is simple.
We listen to your spirit, and we teach you to do the same.
Through years of experience working with people, animals, and all of nature’s creations, we developed a sharp but gentle sense to look at the Spirit of life in every (human) being.  

This Spirit is like a fire inside someone; the fire burns inside you and shows your life strength. It shows your ability to face life with joy and peace, the strength and resilience to inspire yourself and others, and the ability to handle any size of fire be it small or big, and support it to become a peaceful fire.
By deep listening and gently talking to the fire, the natural flow comes back and gets stronger and therefore fuels your life.  

We love to work with fire.
Sitting at the fire awakens your spirit and makes it stronger; inspiration starts growing again. It brings people to feel more and more alive again.  

We would love to help you listen to your inner flow of wisdom and awaken your spirit (again)  

Your path of growth

Learning to listen to your inner guidance can be challenging. How do you know which road to take and how to recognize your true path?

If you aspire to:

  • Find a sense of purpose 
  • Recognize your inner voice of wisdom
  • Develop to the most beautiful human being you are destined to be 
  • Learn about how everything in this world is connected and find your unique true path of growth
  • Put your spirit and inner wisdom to use for the greater whole 

Then it would help if you considered walking along with us, so we can show you your path of growth and strengthen your natural wisdom.

 Following your path in the Firekeeper Academy

We help you develop a sense of how life wants to flow through you in the Firekeeper Academy and how growth happens to benefit all. 

We help you gain and transform insights into wisdom and put that into use for the greater whole.

Taking part in the Firekeeper Academy will show you how all life is connected and your role in the bigger picture.You will get a sense of wholeness combined with wisdom, and those two will give you purpose.  

The magic is that you become the most beautiful human you can be.



Joining the Firekeeper Academy

The teachings in the academy will first give you a suitcase with tools, including your personal compass, to start this journey.

This journey will be unique; everybody has their path to walk.The teachings will guide you in developing your talents knowing and acknowledging your most significant Values. They will bring purpose, meaning, and passion to your life.

On this journey, you will also make different steps in discovering the natural wisdom already present inside yourself.

Start your journey today

Choose your Journey


Key to the future

Become a carrier of wisdom and share your gift to open doors to the future.

Read more

Natural Leadership

Being the change

Strengthen your leadership by learning to trust your inner wisdom and intuition.

Read more

Rites of Passage

Getting your place

Marking the beginning of a new growth phase in your development.

Read more

Firekeeper academy events 2022

Pre-Dawn Song

Sunday 18th December 2022
at 20.30 P.M. CET. Amsterdam time.

Join us in a deep meditation and exercise.
Allowing ourselves to remember who we are and to strengthen our core by resonating our purpose. This is one of the profound ways to connect to yourself and the environment around us.

Read more

52 weeks of wisdom (online)

Weekly inspiration and natural growth with your Wheel of values 

52 weeks of Wisdom is an ongoing process and experience. This will change your daily vibration and every part of your life tremendously. The weekly assignments will take you to step by step to the life of your purpose. You will walk together with a group of people from all over the world who will support you in your growth. 

Read more

Vision Quest,
An Ancient way to find answers.

June 30th until July 2nd, 2023

Life itself asks us many questions.
Yet sometimes a question really sticks to us. One way or another this question gets back to you every time. You know you have to sit down and listen to the answer. To be able to hear the answer it is helpful to expand your perspective. In connection with Nature is the most beautiful way to do this. 

Read more

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Here's what others have to say

"Being the change in leadership 2019-2020. Ik ben Hélène en Danny intens dankbaar voor de waarde volle inzichten die ik in de training heb mogen ontvangen. Hiermee weet ik hoe ik mijn talenten kan inzetten ten behoeve van het grotere geheel."

Melissa Hol - Lagemann
Quality assurance engineer Transavia


"Danny & Helene possess the talent for listening, seeing, asking questions, lovingly kicking your ass, are not shy of discomfort, being playful, and full of passion. They can guide someone to look within and discover what inner wisdom has to bring. There is enormous power in their guidance."

Tom Hoogvliet

The great thing about Danny and Hélène is that they can get a very diverse group in the same feeling state within fifteen minutes. They are guiding and supporting from safety and tranquility. This, in turn, created teams that initiate initiatives and actions arising from their feelings based on their own work experiences and professional knowledge. As a result, working in the workplace became more based on recognition, support, and construction. The teams could let go of the inner tension, which benefited their contact with the elderly."

Carla Nägele
Healthcare educator

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