The Path Of The Firekeeper


Firekeeping is the art of manifesting in co-creation with all life.

It involves listening to inner knowledge and transforming anything that keeps you from your wholeness.

Our approach is practical and rooted in nature. We use the wisdom of the Wheel Of Growth and the Wheel Of Personal Values.

These tools connect you to the core of your inner leadership. This is the unique gift you offer to your tribe.

About Us

Danny Vader and Hélène van Engelen are the founders of the Firekeeper Academy. Together they hold enormous wisdom, rooted in their professional and spiritual experience. They have 30 years of experience in banking, IT, consultancy, the health industry, and as therapists. Today their inspiration comes from indigenous culture and working with nature.

They have a deep capacity to listen, guide and support others as they develop their wisdom.

Danny and Hélène are also affiliated with the Sustainable Global Leadership Academy. As teachers, facilitators, and trainers. In this role, they help train new leaders from all over the world.

Our Tribe 

Our team is expanding as the knowledge of Firekeeping spreads.The following team members are in training and committed to supporting the spread of transformation. They share a commitment to living wisely and fostering growth for all life.

Jesper Feenstra

Jesper is a landscape designer and advisor. He holds degrees in psychology and business studies, and has a professional background in agro-ecology and the sustainability sector. Jesper is commited to restoring the relationship between humans and nature by finding out how to collaborate with nature, instead of working against it.

Kim & Jorden de Rijk

Kim and Jorden have background in business and economics, but always felt that there must be another way. They recently moved to Portugal with their young family to build a Wisdom Place: a place where they cooperate with nature, provide for their family, the local community, and where others can learn how to work with their inner nature and connect with all life.

Sophie Luckett

Sophie is a native of the British Isles, Yin Yoga teacher, transformational life coach and full-time curious soul. Her heart is most at home in the wilds of nature. She's often found outdoors with a notepad and a pen, busy capturing sun rays and creative inspiration. Currently in danger of becoming an artist. 

Atticus Harris

Atticus is a father, coach, friend and life-long student. His professional life has taken him from large tech corporations to boutique start-ups. He's fascinated by how human's communicate and is passionate about working with groups to facilitate greater connection, clarity and creativity.