We Invite You To A Campfire Calming Experience

Are you a dedicated life coach or conscious leader, committed to empowering others but feeling stuck in your current approach? Do you yearn for a deeper connection with your clients, wishing to create a safe and nurturing environment where they can truly open up and grow? Discover how chaos can be challenging and surprisingly beautiful.



Together, we will guide you through a deep, relaxing visualization designed exclusively for Conscious,  Heart-Centered Life Coaches, Facilitators, and Leaders.

In order to guide other people and use our innate gifts, we first need to realign with ourselves.  And sometimes, this can be challenging when a lot is happening in our lives. This visualization will be a departure from the daily chaos where you'll discover a whole new level of self care that will help you open the door to surprising beauty and new perspectives for your future.

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There is actually beauty to be found in the midst of chaos.

Imagine having a place you CAN return to again and again to find peace in any challenging situation.

Video 1

In this video, we'll explore how chaos intertwines with our lives, presenting both daunting challenges and keys to unexpected beauty.

Video 2

Introducing a new and unique campfire visualization practice. Designed to elevate your intuitive skills and abilities.

Video 3

Experience the profound shift in perception where new possibilities unexpectedly emerge and calmness and clarity prevail.

Hi, we are Danny & Hélène.

Known as Transformational Pioneers. With therapy, coaching, and leadership backgrounds, we blend ancient and natural wisdom with modern techniques to guide you.

For decades, we've helped individuals and groups grow, connecting them to a powerful yet simple and new approach to coaching and leading. Our method is all about tapping into nature's wisdom. By embracing values, we offer a clear path through life's challenges, empowering you to transform and thrive.

Join us and discover a new way forward, opening new possibilities in yourself and your field of work. 

"I use the exercise I learned in these video series daily. It's safe to say this experience has a great impact on my conversations with others."

Stephan de Nijs

"I was surprised, by the simple and profound effect of the visualization. Did not expect to feel this shift in myself. Thank you, Danny & Helene, for this experience."

Mariska Meijer