Stone Circles

12 + 1
Remembering our Values

Stones are revered as Record keepers holding the earth's ancient knowledge.

The stones are seen as the recordkeepers in many indigenous and natural traditions. Holding all the information of the earth. Stones have the ability to absorb information and keep it like a library. 

In the early days, we were all connected through stones. We made stone circles all over the world. Some of the famous ones are Stone Henge and Avebury. 

These circles had many different purposes, like ceremonies and a communication network that connected us with each other. You can compare it to a kind of wifi in the old days. 

Stone circles have always carried the values of the community; they are a strong reminder of our inner value structure. 

Guardian stone - 52+12+1 Stone Circle - Netherlands, Dalfsen 


Why Stone Circles now

We are navigating through a major transition in which our world – personally, locally, and globally is changing as we know it.

Amid the chaos and confusion, we are tasked to understand what is happening and find our ground for new ways to explore and create. 

Stone circles are a Gentle way of raising consciousness and remembering personal and community Values. This is a natural way of picking up leadership in ourselves and our community. 

It is also a powerful structure that supports the energy of the land and the community in the whole area.

About Danny & Hélène

From a young age, Danny possessed an innate ability to sense and listen deeply. Although he wasn't immediately conscious of it, this gift opened a gateway to the memories embedded in the land and stones. Danny came to understand the prevalence of stone circles worldwide and the conscious form of 'communication' associated with them.

This form of communication is best described as a heightened feeling and sense, a doorway within ourselves that, when opened, allows for the reception of reconnection and messages (your 6th sense). This connection extends beyond human interactions to encompass every form of life.

Stone circles serve as one of the keys to unlocking this intrinsic and authentic connection within ourselves, fostering a conscious link to all life. Danny experienced profound and visionary moments throughout his life, with one vision revealing stone circles as a 'new way' to reconnect with nature. 

The true significance of these moments became clear when Hélène and Danny collaborated on their shared vision in the Firekeeper Academy. Their teachings bring together ancient and natural wisdom to enrich and strengthen the values and leadership within communities and businesses. 

They play a guiding role in the process and ceremony of establishing both small and large stone circles worldwide.


Stones circles speak a language older than words, inviting us to listen to our hearts and the wisdom of the ages.






 The four stages of visioning and creating a Stone Circle - 12+1 -

  • Building Community/Stakeholders: Initiate the process by assembling a community and involving stakeholders to foster collaboration and support.
  • 'Right Place': Listening and Stones coming in: Thoughtfully select the appropriate location while attuning to the surroundings. Ask and find the stones for the chosen site.
  • Ceremony: Conduct a four-day ceremony to establish the Stone Circle and imbue it with values that reflect its purpose.
  • Sharing and the Future: Share the experience with others and actively demonstrate the values, serving as an example for the ongoing life and purpose of The Stone Circle.


This is a short overview of visioning and creating a Stone Circle. 

If you would like to endeavor in this adventure, please contact us. 

We are happy to create the future with you.



Stone Circle 52+12+1 (est 2014) as perceived by Danny Vader

The Waterboard in Dalfsen, the Netherlands, opened a piece of land for the stones. The diameter of this circle is about 200m