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Natural Leadership Program

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Being the change 

The most significant task of a leader is keeping the balance in times of change. Only balance creates a stable movement to the future.

If (inner) growth stops, the balance is not kept somewhere. So a question that wants to be answered is somewhere in the midst of all that is happening. And needs to be because you are no longer bringing the quality you are supposed to.

Sometimes, even the best warriors miss their target because something else happens.

You feel, sense, or in another way, it's not moving.

Suppose a chief cannot find the right words to serve the tribe and be the word of the tribe. We need to come back to the fire and see what is happening.

We offer three different ‘fires’ in your leadership journey.

Wisdom fire - Short and personal 

In one or a few sessions, we will listen and see the wisdom in what is going on.

  • This will get back the flow
  • Bring back the start of Trust
  • Open the personal growth

Fire of the now, Vision quest  - One or two-day session (with your tribe)

If you want to get a message you have to sit down and be home. These days bring clarity and valuable answers for the next steps.

  • Start remembering your purpose
  • Beginning to walk with your purpose.
  • Deep self-reflecting and seeing the connection with the tribe.
  • Remembering you are more than only yourself, how deep the in-service goes.
  • Health, connection, wisdom, growth

Fire of the future - Leadership year program

When you feel the call to develop your (inner) leadership in sync with the laws of nature.

Use your natural abilities and talents to honor and collaborate with all life on your path of wisdom and growth. And become aware and work with the unique medicine you bring into the world. 

In this one-year journey, we take you along the Medicine wheel.

You work with your talents according to the wheel of growth and deepen the steps based on your core-values, situations, seasons, inner development, and growth stage in your team and work environment.

Although this is a personal journey, you will fully utilize your responsibility and growth in leadership. This also means taking a leap of faith to find an opening when necessary. You learn to jump with confidence because you "know" from experience that it is up to you to take this jump.

You will also deepen the collaboration with your team by strengthening and expanding personal talents, thus enriching and harmonizing your company’s growth.


Do you feel excited to start this journey?

 In November 2022 we start a new Natural leadership year program.

This is a very personal journey. You will learn how to balance yourself and the group. You will find wisdom in both. 

Please do not hesitate if you feel excited right now to set your first steps on this journey to contact us.

We send you the more detailed program and will be happy to share with you the potential we see in you and your path of growth.

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