June, 2024

An Ancient Way To Find Answers

A Vision Quest is an ancient indigenous ceremony to help you become more connected to all of life.


A Question

Life has a purpose. Questions that are vital to your purpose want an answer.

An Opening

Without all the background noise of our daily lives, an opening arises.

An Answer

Life always brings an answer. It can come in many forms, dreams, visions, signs in nature.

Your Future

The answer you receive gives clarity and direction to your future.

Life Itself Asks Many Questions Of Us.

Yet sometimes, a question sticks to you. The kind of question that keeps coming back. Pulling you deeper, asking your to enquire and reflect. The kind of question that goes straight to your core. 

To hear the answer, it is helpful to broaden your mind. We find that being with nature and in community is the most beautiful way to do this.

A Vision Quest is an ancient indigenous ceremony to help you become more connected to nature and all of life. It is a personal journey to connect with your souls mission and remember the truth in each step.

During a Vision Quest, you will sit in nature. Starting to open all the communication channels in your system and helping your senses to grow in order to find an answer outside the box you are thinking in now.

In this way, all life can and will help you to receive the answers you are seeking.

There will also be some people who stay with the Firekeepers at the fire, called ‘Bridgers’. They support those out in the Vision Quest in an energetic way. They will learn how to maintain and nourish the connection in a healthy way, an act of Servant Leadership.

Practical Details

Dates & Times

Alongside the Vision Quest, we will prepare participants with a a personal intake and group coaching meeting in the months before the event. 

Preparation Meeting

In May

Vision Quest

Dates Vision Quest 7th, 8th and 9th of June 2024.

We start on Friday at 10.00  until Sunday 16.00.


Schaapskooi, Welna Epe, The Netherlands


The investment for this event is €795 (VAT excluded). 

 We believe these opportunities should be available to all and never want price to be a barrier. If you need financial support or would like to discuss the option of a payment plan, please contact us.


Meet Your Teachers

Danny Vader and Hélène van Engelen are the founders of the Firekeeper Academy. Together they hold enormous wisdom, rooted in their professional and spiritual experience. They have 30 years of experience in banking, IT, consultancy, the health industry, and as therapists. Today their inspiration comes from indigenous culture, corporations, and working with nature.

They have a deep capacity to listen, guide and support others as they develop their wisdom.

Answer The Call


 Join us for a unique exploration into purpose, growth and the natural world.


Vision Quest

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